Please Help with an extension idea

Hey guys,
I’m aware there’s a few kitchen extensions around, but for my business i need to restrict sizes and type so I have made my own sketchup file with all the kitchen sizes made up in the very particular graphics I was looking for. I would love some help into making it into my first extension with some very basic functionality.

  1. Being able to add components together without so much playing around with components. For instance I have made a 600mm x 720mm wall cabinet with a shelf in one component and 5 seperate door styles and overhangs as seperate components to suit the wall cabinets. How do i make the cabinets stick together in perfect sync so everything lines up and how can i pick a door component and have it add to the cabinet in the exact position it should sit?

  2. How do I put the components into their own groups to make it easy to find them all ?

example of cabinet components sticking together properly.

| | <====================== ||
| ||
| <====== Top and Bottom === ||
| | Horizontal lining up |
| <====== and face to face |_|

Like I said this would be my first extension and I have a very sound knowledge around macros and coding in excel and silverlight just don’t know where to start in sketchup or if there is any formulas already supported by sketchup for ease of use :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,

CabMaker allows you to restrict sizes with 1 or more of the following - width, height and depth based on a template or if you wish a library named cabinet.

This works in Imperial or Metric. the person responsible for the design templates simply checks a control and up pops a dialog box with the optional width, height and depth parameters. Fill them in and Voila.

Why don’t you email me at and we can set up a Skype demonstration.