Kitchen Cabinet Extensions

Hi- I’m designing a kitchen with inset cabinetry. i’m looking for a cabinet extension that will easily allow me to place cabinets but also has a feature for specifically making cabinets INSET (doors and drawers are flush with the face frames). Anyone know of a plug in that has this feature?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Shop and it has no options for adding extensions. With SketchUp Pro (the desktop version) you can add extensions and there are several kitchen cabinet extensions available.

Maybe CabMaker

FWIW, they aren’t difficult to do manually and inset doors and drawer fronts are pretty simple once you have the openings

thanks so much, I do have Sketch Up Pro now.

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SketchThis (disclaimer: I make it) can do inset. It’s not for construction though, just for planning purposes.

Hello Eric.

I am interested in your SketchThis plugin, it looks like it will fit my needs well. I see you post is from Aug 2020. Is the SketchThis plugin still available? When I goto and try to ‘Try’ or ‘Buy’, I get this message…

“We are sorry, at this point we do not accept any more registrations.”

Am I missing something? How can I go about Trying and Buying the SketchThis plugin? Thanks for your help.

You need to be on the latest version of the plugin. You may have found the old version somewhere. As long as you’re on the latest version from the Extension Warehouse you’re good to go.