PlusSpec and Sketchup Make

I have a quick a question I hope a few of you can answer. Before I ask let me provide some background on myself and why I am asking.

I am in process of building a home. I will be acting as my own General Contractor. I have my design ready and have drawings that are going through an engineering firm. I actually started using sketchup because I was looking for ways to get a budget for my house so when I started sending out bid requests I can have a ball park budget to work with.

I have used medeek plugins and profile builder in a free trial of sketchup pro to start out with and they are great and I learned how to use them fairly quickly using their respective youtube tutorials. Today I found PlusSpec tutorial and it seems like it can do everything I need it to do, instead of having to pay full price for different plugins instead of using one that does all.

Here is my question

  1. If I pay for subscription to plusspec would I be able to use it on sketchup free since my 30 day trial will be over soon? I ask cause I want to be able to use the full functionality of plusspec but I really don’t to spend $800 for sketchup and plusspec. I am hoping to just pay the monthly subscription and using a free version of sketchup that allows extensions.

You should be able to use MAKE with no problem as long as your use is not commercial. Understand that SU Free and Make are not the same. SU Free is web based and currently does not support extensions, while Make resides in your system hard drive and does allow using extensions.

It is assumed that the 30 day trial you refer to is for a version of SU Pro which reverts to Make at the end of the trial period. Admittedly, no current version of SU Pro offers this option. AlIhough the most recent Make release can be downloaded HERE, and having never used Make, I don’t know if this version still comes with a 30 day free trial of Pro.

So it’s safe to assume that since I am using sketchup 2016 it will revert to make? I am only using it for my personal home building. I do plan to start using it to build houses later but I will upgrade to pro before I do that and it will be next year or so when I do.

Only if you installed SketchUp 2016 Make in the first place. If you installed Pro instead, it will just quit working when the 30-day trial has expired.

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Awesome! Will it have the same functionality as pro 16? ie import export and some others I cant think of right now? lol(by the way I am using sketchup 16.)

Make is limited in terms of import and export options. No CAD imports or exports. There are some other limitations with Make as well.