PlusSpec extension? Anyone using the U.S. version or considering getting it?

Is anyone familiar with the PlusSpec extension? I just learned of their Black Friday offering which is good only through the end of the 26th and considering getting it. Link: Join Thousands of Businesses that Rely on PlusSpec – PlusSpec

Is anyone else considering it? I’ve noticed that they have a lot more US users now. I’ve been on the fence in the past, but I am really considering the deal they are offering.

I have been using the latest U.S. trial version for the last couple of weeks and it really seems to have a lot going for it. I saw it demo’d at the SketchUp Basecamp and thought it worthwhile to give it a try. I am not in construction industry or an architect/designer, which seems to be it’s main target. I’m an illustrator, however, who loves using SU and have modeled considerable structures for engineering clients, working off of old scans and PDFs of plans and elevations. I have been impressed with PlusSpec tools for creating detailed “smart” geometry (walls, windows, doors, roofing, trusses, etc.), and how well it integrates with SketchUp to produce well a organized model which then can generate detailed BIM-based estimates .


While I’m not in the market for their product, I clicked through your link to see how good an offer it is. And I’m NOT impressed with their math!

The lead in is:

But when you click through to the details, they’re taking 30% (not 70%) off - annual only - and adding two months. That doesn’t add up to 70% savings. They do say you get “1 Free License” but don’t specify the type of license. Is that a 2nd license free for a month? A year? 14 months? I could find no details of this.

I’ll admit that 30% off an annual subscription, with two free months thrown in, with a 2nd license free for the full 14 months - that adds up to 70% off (actually a little more), but even if I really wanted the functionality, I have no need for a 2nd license!

Had they actually offered 70% off for a monthly subscription - which they extended by two months, I might have been tempted - just to see what it can do.

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Hi sjdorst,

Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity around the wording for the second license on our pricing page. We have updated this to be in line with our other marketing, which clearly explains that the second license is an Annual (12 month) license.

The extra license is something that a lot of customers will find very appealing, as they will be able to use PlusSpec on their main computer and a secondary one (such as a laptop on site), or have multiple seats in their office.

All in all, this is a massive 70% savings based on the total package and we are seeing a lot of new users, which is awesome!

Thanks again for your feedback.