PlusSpec pro now works in SketchUp19 on MAC and PC

Hi guys, it took us a while to get it right but it works great. PlusSpec is now available for SketchUp 19…

Yes it is subscription based but it is fast,powerful and it will halve your drawing time. The upgrade is free to existing users. :hugs:

You can find out more on the PlusSpec website. Thanks to those of you who reached out to find out when the latest version would be available, I hope this answers your questions.


BTW I actually designed, estimated and built this home, that is not a render. Nothing but Sketchup, layout and PlusSpec.

Just thought I would chime in here and give more information on the release.

This is the first big update for 2019, and we’ve focused on speed, because every second counts, right?!

All of the PlusSpec dialogs have been supercharged to open a lot faster. This will be a huge time saver!​​​​​​​ So, if you ever used PlusSpec previously but weren’t too keen on the dialog load times - it’s time to take another look, because we’re now faster than Speedy Gonzales!

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