Are you using SketchUp to design or build your own Home or Remodeling Project?

Hello All,

Designing and building your own home (or remodeling) is a daunting process.

That’s why we have released a new plugin for SketchUp, called PlusSpec Lite, that’ll help you bring your project to life & communicate like a Pro.

Homeowners struggle to express their ideas in ways that are meaningful to Design & Construction professionals. With PlusSpec, you draw with Virtual Building tools (walls, roofs, slabs/joists, windows/doors, etc). Just select the building component that you want to use from the menu, and BAM! Everything will be drawn for you.

However, it also allows you to manage costs (with a one-click BOM) to avoid budget blowouts — one of the biggest stresses faced by anyone looking to build or renovate.

And it only costs $10 USD.

Interested to know more? Take a look HERE.

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