Automating Sketchup for design and building

Imagine if all of your components were automatically organised & created for you. Image if the walls, floors, roof windows and materials you used were automatically grouped, correlated, IFC classified and layered for you. Imagine if all of your scenes & styles were created in seconds so you could navigate and control a project instantly? Imagine if all of your shadow scenes could be created according to the project location & solstice, in one click?
If you are using Sketchup pro and you are a designer, builder, sub or all of the above, you could make a better living out of Sketchup when combined with Plusspec, All for less than $20 per week, that’s less than a cup of coffee a day! How much is your time worth?
Did I mention that all of your work is fully quantifiable and you can associate costs to every item, cubic, lineal, each,square or by group and compile feasibility studies, quote requests, even purchase orders.
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And the above is just a fraction of what PlusSpec does for Sketchup Pro users.

  1. Design from scratch or trace your concept model and associate texture, sizes and structure all in one go
  2. Associate information to existing Sketchup items and create a report in Excel and more
  3. Automated and customisable structure
  4. Complex roofing automated
  5. Parametric changes (No need to re draw)
  6. Cost association SQ Cubic, Lineal, Each, Metric and Imperial.
  7. Multi layer walls with insulation, cladding, brick, wood framing, termite barrier, step down, external skin for concrete joists and eaves also gable and sloping roof walls all in one easy to use tool.
  8. Job tool for adding address, job stage, fire, wind, seismic, flood, currency type, preferred units of measure and more
  9. Structural Steel
  10. Concrete structure
  11. Everything is parametric, no re draining
  12. Trusses are amazing!
  13. Section cut hatching according to design or construction type, use our textures or yours.
    …and lots lots more.

The aim of PlusSpec is to unite our industry, from concept design, through to construction and hand over. It is what our indusrty needs. Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) will see us all work in a better industry.

I built PlusSpec because I love Sketchup, Design and Construction and I do not like wasting time, money or resources.

Everything inside Sketchup, in one interactive Plugin.
We can’t do everything yet, but we are working on it. :slight_smile: