Anyone Have Experience with PlusSpec?

Hi Everyone, I’m new to SketchUp and new to a plugin called PlusSpec. Does anyone here have experience in the United States using this for modeling residential projects and creating nice looking construction documents?

I am a Revit expert and use Revit for my business, but after awhile I’m tired of clicking so much and everything taking SOOO long. Revit is just not great for residential projects. I messed with Chief Architect, and while I liked it, I felt it can become too limiting as there are no plugins and no IFC exports. I’m interested in automatic framing and as much automatic things for homes as possible, while still having tools for detailed modeling of high end homes. PlusSpec is in the early states of development, at least according to me. Very few tool options available, and a good portion is set up for Australia, even with USA selected.

Am I going down the right road with SketchUp & PlusSpec? My goal is to only use Revit for 1 or 2 clients that need me to use it. The rest I want to be easier to do so I can make money faster.

I’ve very briefly tried PlusSpec. If I remember correctly it felt slightly awkward to use, e.g. wasn’t compatible with SketchUp’s native Move tool. It seems very powerful though. If you are used to a, in my view, very awkward but powerful software like Revit, PlusSpec may very well be for you.