Estimating inside Sketchup

The PlusDesignBuild plugin is our latest Design Build & Estimating extension for Sketchup, it has been specially built for DesignBuild firms, in the residential industry.

This release is new and we continue to add functionality that encompasses parametric functionality for infinite design and construction changes all inside of Sketchup:

The next release of PlusDesignBuild has an IFC importer and optimiser to cater for architects and designers who are using Using Revit, ArchiCad or other BIM software and it quantifies IFC geometry as well as Sketchup geometry.

The aim of PlusDesignBuild is to make it easier for contractors to get their work done quickly, accurately and efficiently.

This Plugin is not for weekend warriors, it is for contractors who are building 5 to 100 extensions, renovations or new homes per year.

Here is a sneak peek at the new Toolbar, I will upload a few videos as we get further down the track.


Is there a suite that you offer that would be helpful for architects, and not just contractors building 5-100 extensions or renovations or new homes per year?

Hi Bslarch

Yes, PlusSpec is Architect and Designer based, although PlusDesignBuild does do more as far as IFC import and organisation, Layout Automation & levels and layers, yet PlusSpec has some really helpful tools that draw walls, cut windows through multiple skins, create complex roofs, foundations, interiors, floors parametrically, automate scene creation, tags and live section cuts which save a ton of time.

Most PlusSpec pro users are architects but in saying that we will be releasing PlusArchitect in the near future.
The following plans have been done using PlusSpec Pro through to Layout, although they were not done by an architect they were done by a builder in Western Australia

There are a heap more 2D plan examples on the PlusSpec website, I hope that helps.


Update ETA 2 Weeks:
One of the biggest things we are adding into PlusDesignBuild is integration with accounting packages, firstly it will be Xero.

Is anyone using Xero in their construction business in America?

Xero is huge in Australia, New Zealand and it’s pretty big in the UK as well… Essentially it is an accounting package that has been made for contractors and subcontractors, the reason it got so big was it is easy to use on a phone whilst in the field. We like easy to use software.

So… we will be releasing Xero integration for builders so they can go from their estimate to client quote, to purchase order and Invoice straight from inside Sketchup.


We have also made some cool improvements to scene creation & yes it does plan elevation and section but it also does the structure.