PlusSpec Roof Shape

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trialing PlusSpec as I am in the market for a BIM Extension for Sketchup.

PlusSpec is the first extension I came across so I have decided to give it a go.

I’ve attached a photo of the Facade I am trying to recreate, I’ve created the shape, built the roof, added a gable over the entry but can not for the life of me create the double gable. at the front.

Does anyone in this forum use PlusSpec and might be able to assist with this?

OR, is there other options for BIM extensions I could try?

You made it onto PlusSpecs youtube channel!
Even though I’ve been using PlusSpec for 7+ years I actually learnt something new when they featured your roof ‘issue’.
Great plug in once you get into it. Enjoy.


Thanks for your comment, the more work PlusSpec projects I see, the more I’m impressed with what it can do, it appears more fully functioned than what first meets the eye, especially considering I’ve used ArchiCad and Revit in the past.

Your work on Facebook looks great, is there any other plugins / extensions you use along side PlusSpec for design work or does PlusSpec do all you need?


PlusSpec does the majority.
The handrail tool needs more development so I use the plugin from Vali Architects.
I only recently also added the 3Dshouse plug in for kitchens, etc.

I don’t use BIM as its currently not required but its something I’ll pursue in the future.

I’ve found that PlusSpec is quite good with the key items like walls, windows, floors, roof, etc. but does need more development in the smaller tools like handrails, kitchens, etc. Some of the things they show on their tutorials don’t work on my iMac with PlusSpec Pro.

Its getting better and better with their continuous improvements and they’re easy to contact and fix up any issues.