Quick wall building add-on


Months ago someone posted a video of a plugin that was soon to be released, that let you quickly create the walls of a house. I can’t find that post, or remember what the plugin was to be called.

Can anyone remember such a thing, and knows whether it was released?


I think that there was one called “buildhouse” … it was referenced in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u92Skxq24hI … which I believe used Sketchup 8. I couldn’t find it either, so I think maybe it is an old program that is no longer in the warehouse?


That one seems to be about slowly making the frame for a house, and is old. The one I mean instantly makes walls, and was at the time not yet released.

Is there an easy way here to view all of the posts that I’ve ever made? I did reply to the topic at the time, so could track it down that way.


You can view your messages under your Profile.



Thanks, it’s Activity I needed to look at. I’m slowly scrolling through that to see if I can find the right topic.


The extension is "1001bit-tools. You can build a wall and much more.
I am sure there are more extensions to build walls.


That looks interesting, but isn’t doing what the one I’m trying to find was doing. Also, it seems to be at least 5 years old, and as I remember it the posting was a sneak peak at a plugin that was due out at the end of the month (whatever month that was).


I don’t think this is it either, but it’s more on the right lines, and seems clever:


[quote=“colin, post:1, topic:30424”]
Soon to be released, that let you quickly create the walls of a house. I can’t find that post, or remember what the plugin was to be called.

There is a good chance you are looking for PlusSpec?

Here is the link to the Builders page http://plusspec.com/builders/ There is a video on that page that talks about framing etc.
There is a heap of information here that talks specifically about walls, estimating, pitched and trussed rooves, floor joists and lintels. There is an imperial version if you are from the states
I actually built PlusSpec for carpenters and home builders originally as that is what I do. However a lot of design build firms use it more as Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for residential construction and Virtual design and Construction to do quoting, estimating for whole of house and client presentation.

No mater what it is used for we kept the grass roots of construction. It is subscription based which does not work for many however there is a free trial so you can see if it is what you are looking for.

I hope it helps


Another neat looking tool, but it’s from early last year. I think that’s too long ago to be the one I’m trying to find.


Could you be talking about Profile Builder? It can be set up to do exactly what are trying to accomplish but I don’t have any accurate information about previous posts or release dates for this amazing plugrin.

I have personally only used it a few times since becoming aware of it base camp last June but can see its potential is nearly limitless.


It does look like it might have been Profile Builder 2. Even knowing that though most of the videos don’t look like the one I had remembered. But this one does: