Flextools & Profile Builder vs Medeek Wall


I’m a new Sketchup User and I will mainly use the software for architectural drawings. At the moment I’m learning to work with the software and also bought the book and templates of Nick Sonder: " SketchUp & LayOut for Architecture".

In order to optimise my workflow I’m looking for tools that make it easy to create walls (mostly cavity walls), doors, stairs and floor framing. The floor framing however is a nice bonus but not really an important requirement. While looking for plugins I found two solutions:

  • Combination of Flextools and Profile Builder 4
  • Medeek Wall

I’m hoping that I’m not the first one that had to make this choice and I was curious if other users would like to share their experiences with these plugins and why they finally chose one solution. An important parameter for me is how well these plugins work in combination with Layout.

If there would be another solution that might even be better then I would be more than happy to read about it.

Thanks in advance for your help and insights!

Edit: I plus I discover when using Flextools and Profile Builder 4 is that I can use Quantifier Pro to calculate quantities of materials used.

In my experience it depends on the Country you are working in. In Europe Medeek Wall is not as useful as Profile Builder.
I personally use Profile Builder and Flextools to generate Bim Models. I make the Quantity takeoff with Bim 5D Software using info and parameters added in SketchUp.

Thanks a lot!

I’m situated in Europe. I have indeed the impression that Medeek is more focused on wooden walls while Flextools is more oriented for bricks.

More feedback, impressions and insights are more than welcome!

After some more research I also discovered Dibac. However from the look of the website it appears to be no longer under active development.

This results in a provisory win for Flextools and Profile Builder 4 + Quantifier Pro for now.

More experiences and insights however are more than welcome.

Profile Builder is for me a must have plug-in, particularly if you are working with any framing or even basic extrusion profiles for the likes of gutters, steel beams and walls.

The included holes tool is also useful for adding door & window openings without resorting to push-pull.

I’m still coming to terms with PB assemblies, but I think once you have it worked out it could be a big bonus.

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It continue working and it will be an update to be fully compatible with 2024.