What's your favorite wall-generating extension?

Using Maj Wall, but (1) the interface is not very friendly, (2) it’s not compatible with the latest Sketchup, and (3) I don’t see the extension author posting anything since the middle of last year. So I’m kinda worried it’s going to get sidelined.

That being said, anyone aware of a better way to draw walls WITH cladding/sheetrock attached, in 1 shot?

Fredos Joint Push Pull is nice. As well as 1001 bit tools. Haven’t checked both against v2024 yet.

All Fredo’s extensions have been recently updated to suit v2024.
You also need the newest LibFredo and SketchUcation toolset for the licensing…
These are all available from SketchUcation.com
Unfortunately 1001bit tools is no longer being developed/supported, and so currently available versions might not work in the newer SketchUp versions - but you can try…

Profile builder

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1001 bit tools seems to be working with sketchup 2024

It really depends on your modeling mind frame and what you think needs to be modeled and how - a REALLY loaded question.

Free form modeling - Joint Push pull is great for odd geometry or especially thinking in section (as opposed to thinking in plan)

Massive 2D plan import via DWG, maybe Faceup.

I’ve used Profile Builder too, especially if you think that way.

Stick by Stick construction - Medeek Wall is great if you want to get BIM like stuff out of your model.

FlexTools is great for putting openings into walls quickly, if that’s a critical issue.


Profile Builder is for me the best one to make walls. I combine its functionality with FlexTools.
Dibac is a good plugin too for making walls.


Generally (not just walls), Profile Builder (even with all it’s limitations) has almost the same significance as Sketchup itself