FlexTools Extension



Glad to announce the release of FlexTools. :grinning:

With the FlexTools extension you can generate Doors, Windows and more in seconds.

  • Standard and Face-Cutter components
  • Favorites library for quick access
  • Planview mode
  • An assortment of tools for extra control and speed

More info on the website - Check it out:

Community Support Forum:
FlexTools @ Sketchucation

FLEX-TOOLS extension
Cutting components leave holes after their layers are made invisible
Dynamic component - Description

Looks fantastic!

Add fence components and I’ll be your best friend :yum:


+1 for the zapper and cleaner features. One problem with complex DC’s is bloated models from all the hidden option stuff. You have a tool for taking care of that. Great work.


Black Friday starts Now! Yes, on a Wednesday🙃
We’re glad to offer 20% OFF.
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Today is :fire: Cyber Monday :fire: and It’s the Last Day to Get FlexTools for #SketchUp with 20% OFF!

Quoting our friend:

“This one got me feeling all warm inside like Skatter did more than two years ago… And it is an Israeli creation!”

Ronen Bekerman

The FlexTools Team,

Yoni, Max & Daria




This soft Rocks! and Yoni is always happy to help on chat!
Thanks a lot


FlexPanel is finally here!

You can now create all sorts of orthogonal panels, cladding, tiles, walls, floors, ceilings… in just a few clicks!
And as usual with Flex components with Responsive Scaling, the panels fit exactly where you need them.

  • Full control over panel thickness, spacing and distributions.
  • Set the number of panels to be equally distributed, or set a fixed size, and let FlexPanel complete the remainders.
  • Choose between 6 edge extensions, for when you want to align a few panel systems - side by side, or around a corner.
  • Cutter version, for when you want to embed panels to be flush with the face they are placed on, or even sunken in.

How to get FlexPanel?

  • Check out FlexTools

  • If you already have FlexPack 2017 installed, you can start using it now! All you need to do, is to open the FlexTools Manager and click on the red update button.

Happy Flexing :wink:


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Open / Close multiple FlexDoors at once

  1. Make a selection.

  2. Run the Open/Close tool - any FlexDoors included in the selection will either open or close.

:pushpin: If there are more ‘open doors’ than ‘closed doors’ in the selection, all the doors will be closed.


The entire UI of the plugin and all the components and tools, can be displayed in different languages.

Currently FlexTools for SketchUp can be used in:
:star:️English :star:️Spanish :star:️French :star:️Portuguese :star:️Traditional Chinese and :star:️Simplified Chinese!

We are very proud of our translation system, since it also works retroactively!
All Flex components previously used, and saved in the Favorites Library will also be automatically translated.

Special thanks to those who contributed their precious time and expertise:

If you wish to contribute a translation in your own language, please contact us: https://flextools.cc/contact/#WriteUs


thank you very much


We just launched a beta version of ComponentFinder. Hooray!

Looking for people to help us test and improve it.

Be part of it! --> https://flextools.cc/componentfinder-beta/

And yes, it’s FREE!


Do the windows and doors cut through multi-layer (face) walls? i.e. brick-insul-brick (3 layer) wall?


Hi JuJitsoup
Currently the FlexTools components can cut through one face only (Using Sketchup’s build in ‘Cut Opening’ feature).
However, we’ll introduce really soon, a new tool called WallCutter which will automatically cut openings in wall faces. You’ll be able to choose how many faces you would like to cut through and when you move or change the door or window component, the opening will adjust accordingly.
You can check it out here.


Superb. That could be a game changer. Not seen this option available in SketchUp anywhere (could have missed it) but this could make a huge difference to my (and many others) workflow.

How would this work if I shared a model with someone who only uses vanilla SketchUp?


There is VisuHole by Fredo6:



Thanks, but as I understand it, this plugin isn’t parametric, it’s just for punching normal holes. Have I got that right?..But the WallCutter appears to be parametric and adjusts as a component is placed and then modified. If this is the case, as it appears, then this is a game changer for me. That is unless there is another plugin which does this that’s not a lot of money to purchase.

I also love FlexTools menu setups, they look really nice, could be vanilla SketchUp tbh. Fredo’s menu’s and UI are just not friendly and hurt (offend) my eyes when I look at them (no offence meant Fredo).


If you were to share a model with someone who doesn’t have FlexTools and WallCutter installed:

  1. Flex components - Would stop being dynamic. If that someone were to try and scale them, they would possibly jumble up, or not do anything. If the model were returned to you, the components would keep working as usual. If the possible jumbling is a problem (it rarely is I believe), one could explode them or you could zap the components with the Zapper tool that comes with FlexTools, before sending. Zapper completely strips a dynamic component from its dynamic behaviors so all the components will be turned to regular components.

  2. WallCutter (Not released yet!) - An opening will stay where it’s supposed to be and it will not be dynamic, just like you’re used to today. :wink: If the model were then saved and sent back to you, the opening will become dynamic again as long as the original component it was connected to is still there, and not totally deformed.

In a worst case scenario, if an opening stops being dynamic, for what ever reason (accidental exploding, or some unexpected bug) erasing the opening and re-placing a new window component will take no more than 2-3 seconds… so it’s usually no big deal. In any case we’re working on some additional tools and fixes to make sure if anything gets disconnected it will be easy to reconnect or recreate.