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Face Cutter extension can cut multiple wall faces automatically while allowing the component to be moved.



Thanks Neil. Your face-cutter extension cuts multiple faces that are all on the same plane if I’m not mistaken. I think JuJitsoup is referring to cutting through double faced walls that have a thickness, and multiple walls one behind the other.
In future versions of WallCutter we may implement something similar to what your extension (that you kindly shared with us) does, where it will be possible to cut through walls even if there are lines drawn on them. We’ll see…


Seeing this, and other similar threads keeps upping my estimate that my idea of “negative space” would be quite useful in many situations:

Thankfully, I started it before any “auto close” rules were enabled, so people can still contribute!


Face cutter cuts all faces parallel (with the same normal) to the component cutting plane up to the depth of the component. So a door with a 4" jamb would cut through a 3.5" wall but not through the inside of a 5.5" thick wall. What face cutter can’t do is cut faces that are perpendicular to the component such as ledges or the sides of a stud. One benefit of face cutter is that it doesn’t alter any existing geometry so the cutout remains dynamic.


“quite useful” is an understatement. ‘Game changer’ would be a more accurate term in my opinion!


Big news! The following additions that we are working on will be part of the new package called FlexPack Pro!

  • WallCutter
  • Slider Window
  • Double-Hung Window
  • Awning and Hopper Windows
  • Casement Window
  • ComponentFinder improvements

Read more on our blog: https://flextools.cc/blog/flexpack-pro/


The first update for FlexPack Pro :

WallCutter is released, and it cuts through walls like never before!:grinning::+1:

Check it out! >> https://flextools.cc/wallcutter/


Hey Yoni,

Our office (and myself personally) bought the FlexPack 2017 back in November of 2017. Do we have to buy the rebranded FlexPack Pro collection even though we are within our year of updates/new products? I mean we were going to renew come November anyways for the wonderful new features you have planned, but I’m not thrilled with the idea that we may be forced to renew early for one new tool (although be it a great one) when we have 3 months left on our previous license agreement and I have to explain why to my boss. Can you please shine a little light on this issue? Thank you.


Hi Pappelby,

When we first released FlexPack 2017, it included a specific set of products + additions till the end of 2017 (FlexPanel was added).

Since the initial release we introduced: bug fixes, updates to the extension and updates to the components and tools in the package. In addition, we released new products and features that were not intended to be part of the original package in the first place. The extra additions include: multiple language support, open/close tool, auto-updates button from within the extension, documentation and ComponentFinder.

We recently released the new package FlexPack Pro and announced about the change in detail in a blog post that was sent out to all our customers at the beginning of this month.

Unlike FlexPack 2017, FlexPack Pro includes new products and support for a year from the time of purchase. WallCutter is the first new product, and it is one “helluva” big addition that will speed your workflow dramatically (In many cases I believe it can cover the extension’s cost after one project if not less). In addition, the current Flex components were modified to work seamlessly with WallCutter. In the near future we plan to release additional components one after the other (see blog post), plus improvements to ComponentFinder and to the rest of the components and tools. A lot of work ahead of us.

Since you’re an existing customer you can get FlexPack Pro at 25% OFF. We sent out personal emails with the discount. If you didn’t get it, please let me know.

Sorry for any possible confusion. Hope this helps explain things.
Feel free to contact anytime.



I just have bought FlexPack and I`m excited!!! It is working just great


Hi Yoni, Max & Daria,

I share ‘pappleby’ comments, I purchased FLEXTOOLS last December & the 25% discount is a little light for existing customers within the year period of purchase. However, I’ll wait until I get the discount e-mail, not too sure if the discount also has a limited time to upgrade to FLEXTOOLS-Pro ? I was also wondering, are there now two versions on offer, FLEXTOOLS & FLEXTOOLS-Pro ?

That aside, it’s a great tool, so hats off to all your hard work.

Ever thought about a PARAMETRIC STAIR TOOL ? I still can’t find one that handles all the many many variations, a big subject on it’s own I guess.

Over & out,


Hi Clayton,
I just checked. The email was sent to your address yesterday. It must have reached your spam folder or something. I’ll re-send it shortly. If you still can’t find it, send me an email to yoni@flextools.cc .

There is currently one package being offered and it is FlexPack Pro.

A parametric stair tool is constantly at the back of my mind, though when I do get to it, it will probably start off as a very simple staircase and we’ll see how it evolves from there. There are so many variations and stair standards in the world!


A quick update:

We released a few enhancements and important bug fixes for WallCutter and the Place Upright tool.

Read more about the changes in the Change log: https://flextools.cc/change-log



Just released a much requested, significant update for WallCutter!

You can now mark sub-components to be excluded from the WallCutter algorithm. Once marked, the sub-components are ignored, and they stop affecting the dynamic opening.

This is good for situations with window trim, sill horns, a sink on a counter top, etc.

1. How to auto-update

2. Remember to restart Sketchup after the update!

This update also includes a couple of bug fixes. More about those here:

Happy Flexing! :grinning:


New Feature for FlexDoor - You can now make pivot doors! :grinning:

Read more about the update on the FlexBlog: https://flextools.cc/blog/flexdoor-as-a-pivot-door/


Flex Slider Window/Door - Coming soon in the next update!


Meet the new FlexSlider window/door!

Customize the sashes! Set the number of divisions, choose from 3 muntin distributions: ‘equal divisions’, ‘prairie style’, ‘from side+equal spacing’.


One of the features in the new FlexSlider Window/Door is that you can hide parts of the frame in order to make various configurations.

In the following example is a 4-panel door made by combining two FlexSliders.

This can serve as a temporary solution for those who need a 4-panel door component Right Now!
We plan to make a dedicated 4-panel door component at a later time.

(In reply to @everett.morton - https://forums.sketchup.com/t/need-four-sliding-door/79306 )


I know this could be turned 90 degrees to create a double-hung sash style window, but can the sill be re-positioned? or the sill even removed. I have tried removing the sill or zeroing out its dimensions before but it always remains?



Yes, for the time being (until we release a new window) you can turn it 90 degrees to create a double-hung sash style window. You cannot reposition the sill, but it can definitely be removed.

Zeroing out the sill ‘Thickness’ setting in the component options window should remove it.

You can also zero out any of the frame elements (Top,Bottom, Left, Right) to have them hidden. A faster way to hide them can be done by clicking on them with the ‘Interact Tool’.

If it still doesn’t work, please attach an image, or send a model.

Please let me know how it goes.