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Wall and Window.skp (523.8 KB)
Hi All,
I have been trying to get FlexTools to answer this question and maybe one of you guys will know…

The file contains a wall system (internal timber frame 90mm + external brick veneer 110mm with a 50mm separation). These are individual components nested in a component.

I want to insert a window. In this case a Milgard unit and want to know if FlexTools will cut the opening and/or allow me to move/alter the window once installed.

Many thanks in advice for any suggestions.

@frandzel3d might have a quick answer?


Hi Michael,

FlexTools allows you to cut openings in flat, uniform faces. The faces can be multiple, like in a wall or multiple wall layers that are one behind the other. If you then move the window the opening/s will move with it. At the moment it will not cut openings through brick components or through timber framing - I.e it won’t cut through anything that is smaller than the window component.

Checkout @john1 framer:

It may be what you’re looking for.

We’ve received a couple of emails from you regarding if there is a trial version and I answered both emails. It could be that they reached the spam, please check. I’ve also replied to your Facebook message. Let me know if it hasn’t arrived.

Regarding a trial version you asked about. We currently don’t have a trial version. You can purchase and if you find that FlexTools isn’t for you, I promise a full refund.

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