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Wall and Window.skp (523.8 KB)
Hi All,
I have been trying to get FlexTools to answer this question and maybe one of you guys will know…

The file contains a wall system (internal timber frame 90mm + external brick veneer 110mm with a 50mm separation). These are individual components nested in a component.

I want to insert a window. In this case a Milgard unit and want to know if FlexTools will cut the opening and/or allow me to move/alter the window once installed.

Many thanks in advice for any suggestions.

@frandzel3d might have a quick answer?


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Hi Michael,

FlexTools allows you to cut openings in flat, uniform faces. The faces can be multiple, like in a wall or multiple wall layers that are one behind the other. If you then move the window the opening/s will move with it. At the moment it will not cut openings through brick components or through timber framing - I.e it won’t cut through anything that is smaller than the window component.

Checkout @john1 framer:

It may be what you’re looking for.

We’ve received a couple of emails from you regarding if there is a trial version and I answered both emails. It could be that they reached the spam, please check. I’ve also replied to your Facebook message. Let me know if it hasn’t arrived.

Regarding a trial version you asked about. We currently don’t have a trial version. You can purchase and if you find that FlexTools isn’t for you, I promise a full refund.


Hi frandzel3d,
I have just bought it and I tried to insert a window. Sure it worked, but:
a) How do I choose where to pick up the window in the first place. It’s default is outside (excl sill). I sometime want to place the window from the inside. This there a default setting that can be changed?
b) How do I changed the unit from pre-historic (ie. imperial) to metric?

There’s an option to switch to metric units. Not sure about placing from the inside, personally I’m always placing from outside which suits my workflow best. FlexTools offers a flip button for doors, extending this for windows might be a good and sensible addition.

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You can always install it roughly from the outside, and then go inside and move it around from there. I’ve done that quite a bit.