Flextools wallcutter and wall modeling workflow

I´m testing the Flextools for placement of windows and doors. Flextools wants you to place its dynamic components onto the components, not inside them, and then it can work its magic of cutting through multi- layered walls, with each layer a solid component, and automatically refresh those cuts if I move my window or door. So thats cool.

My problem is every component then has to be unique. One component chunk of wall cannot be copied elsewhere, scaled and re-used, because the wall cutter hole will show up in the copy as well, and you end up with lots of door openings you don’t want… :slight_smile:

So lets say I want to model an interior with inner walls , with one component for the stud work (just a box), and one component on each side of that, to show wall board thickness.

The easy way would be to use a readymade stud work component and just cover each wall with a readymade wallboard component, scaling each to fit their place. But there is a lot of right clicking to make unique that I would have to do for the rest of my life…

Is there a “copy and make unique” plugin or fast hack out there? The obvious thing would be to use groups, as they are better suited for objects I will not make multiple copies of, but wall cutter does not like groups, and I cannot control scale handle visibility on groups for faster work operations.

Any ideas out there on a better workflow ?

There’s a plugin that makes all nested components unique. Would that help?

FlexTools includes that ability. It’s the 1! button on their tool bar.

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right. I did find one solution, by having all my wallboards for all walls as raw geometry inside only one component.
Inside the wallboard component I could then place them, and just explode them afterwards.

There would be no geometry conflict having a lot of raw geometry as all the different parts are not connected.

Keeping them as components, and run the nested components unique would also work.

And the 1! button is only one click, or a shortcut, so that helps.

Also I assume Flextool are working on getting groups to be nicely cut, that would reduce the need for tutorials on their part… :slight_smile:


Oh. and now I find, that if you just don’t bother with making components, Flextools will ask to do it for you :slight_smile: