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Anyone having success with FLEX TOOLS, looks quite interesting, I’m tempted.


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What is interesting about it ? (Come on,… you’re the topic starter here. :wink:)

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O.k: I didn’t realise I needed to elaborate…:weary:

Inferring that I’ve seen the vidoes & wondered if any architectural SU users are using it with any success, i.e. would they recommend this extension.

From what I’ve seen, the key points are;-

When scaling components, all parameters & proportions are maintained.

With Components being fully parametric, making changes on-the-fly looks blissfully easy with the UI menu & you can save out to a user library.

When making floor plans from your model, this tool, with the Plan-view, seems to tidy up your component/symbol forming a hidden line removal, i.e. only showing the plane section cut at that plane, there may other tricks I’ve not noticed.

Heck Dan…who needs this forum…I’ve almost convinced myself…:smirk:

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I’ve opened an official FlexTools thread here:

CJT1963, If you need any further convincing from a biased source, let me know :wink:


Hi CJT1963.

Yes I think it is worth the investment. I save a lot of time using FlexTools. Flexing is also a clever way to make fast visualisations in front of clients to discuss different possibilities.

You will definitely run into some bugs, but it is easy to contact the developers about such issues since they are very responsive and eager to fix things that needs to be addressed. I know this since I have been a beta tester of all the flex-component since the very start.

To me it is very fulfilling to know that I play (a small) part in a new start-up and by so doing helps good ideas and products emerge. To jump on the wagon when everything is polished and fine gives me little pleasure.

Hi @CJT1963, not sure if you know it, but FredoScale can be also useful for some of those goals.

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Is this built on Dynamic Components (which is very bugged and unreliable) or is it a completely separate plugin?

It is a set of dynamic components that can be easily adjusted. The plugin is basically a wrap, but a very convenient one. The product is still a bit buggy, but it is improving for every new release.

More info can be found here: https://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=403&t=68338

That’s a pity :confused: .Looked really useful though.

Plugin is on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017… Looks great on video… Any new users experiencing it lately?

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