Must have extensions?

Getting comfortable with sketchup now and considering installing some extensions/ plugins.
Wondering if there are any must have extensions anyone would recommend for architecture and architectural site modeling.
Will also potentially be going back and forth between autocad and sketchup and possibly revit if that makes a difference.
Only real things I’m noticing that I would like to have are mirror with a copy and a way to eliminate segemented lines created from erased geometry.
Fredo tools was recommended for getting rid of unwanted segments and I found a couple for mirroring but short of that no recommendations so far.
So what has been your experience with useful plugins?

SITE modelling… if doing roads in landscapes then Valiarchitects “Instant Roads” is a definate “No Brainer”

Chris Fulmers “Scale and Rotate” components is also excellent for randomising 2d trees to quickly give a natural look to mass plantings in landscapes

Profile Builder 3 is a huge time saver for architectural detailing… especially handrails, balcony railings, trim, a predefined assembly can quickly be adjusted to suit a variety of conditions and exploded to tweak bespoke requirements

I find TIG Mirror to be one of the easiest Mirror plugins to use, but others like Curic Mirror.

Awesome! Thanks guys.

Or the scale tool or flip along… both native SU commands.

Yes. I like the flip along… once I found it. BUT, there is no way to copy the flip in place and reference an axis… right?
BUT, thinking about it with you now… guess I could copy to clipboard the original> flip the original (which deletes itself> copy in place from the clipboard and wala! All I have to do is move the flipped version to align with the original location of the paste in place version.
Thanks for the help! Beat my head against this forever when I was trying to mirror my rafters lol.

Scale tool works good in some instances for me but would be more useful if you could just stretch (like in cad) without scaling
Probably a plugin for that I’m guessing.
So, is there another way to use the scale tool to mirror?

Yes scale the object and type -1

That was AWESOME. Till I tried to do it again.
First time it tried it it mirrored perfectly and as expected and left (I think a copy of what I was mirroring.
Just to test again and make sure mirroring around the axis I was hoping for, I drew a guideline then tried to repeat.
Noting copying and model flippiing upside down etc. Tried selecting various grips to start the stretch process before hitting enter but can’t get it to work again?
what am I missing?

I have very many occasions where objects are symmetrically placed in the larger context, so simply flipping requires repositioning each object, so I use TIG’s Mirror plugin a lot.