"Must Have" Plugins



I often get asked at customer visits, “What plugins should I be using?”. While the answer is specific to each groups line of work, we have put together a document of “must-have” plugins that we think everyone could benefit from.
*This is just a small list, there are so many plugins out there, we couldn’t list them all!

See the attached PDF.

Hope this is helpful for some of you.


SketchUpMustHavePlugins.pdf (121.9 KB)


How weird! I was thinking of posting about this just the other day. I find that I already have a number of the plugins mentioned here and will now check out the others. If certain plugins are “must have”, maybe developers should think of building their capabilities into SU?

This whole idea could be taken further and targeted at certain groups of professionals. Building architects are unlikely to need the same specialised tool set as a landscape architect, and engineers will be different again. This is addressed to some extent in this list. It would also be useful to have a list of “must have in the future” plugins, such as a better way to control layers, for example.