Cutting components leave holes after their layers are made invisible

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We have this issue in our bug tracking system - looks like it’s been around for a while. I did a +1 on that issue with a link to this forum post. #25260


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Thanks very much! It’s quite a pain point for me, would be great to see it fixed :slight_smile:

A not so tedious workaround could be to click the desired tab (with all the appropriate layers on/off to controle what you would like to see) > save the model > open New > open your previously saved model again. This seems to render the model as should. At least it’s a “few” steps less than digging into each (nested) group or component.
I just tested it and for me it seemd to work on a component five levels deep.
Opening some model in between (hence: open New) appears to be necessary.

Good point: I hadn’t thought of that! I nevertheless hope that the developers will prioritize and fix this soon so I don’t have to keep saving and reopening my model! (I guess that could actually inspire a ruby script (save and re-open) to save even more steps!)

Hi: any idea if any sketchup developers have seen this/taken note yet? UPDATE: whoops forgot Mark had already mentioned it’s in their issue tracker… any idea whether it’s targeted for a particular release? I notice the latest release (2418) still exhibits the same problem :slight_smile:


I assume this is still being worked on?
I just ran into this issue in Version 2017.0.18792 64 Bit

Yes, we had it targeted to the recent 2017 release but ran out of time. Typically that means that it will be rolled forward to the next release target, but I can’t promise a particular fix version.


Ok thanks for the update.

@Marc any more certainty on when this fix might make it into a release? Thanks!

We’re not allowed to state that a feature or bug fix will be in a particular release, even if that feature has already been completed. So, I can’t really say. We do have a LOT of issues in the bug tracker and feature request list, so every version we make is a difficult exercise in triage.

Ok thanks: sorry, didn’t notice your reply till just now! Fingers crossed for the next release: it’s a really irritating bug!

Bump! Any activity on this? Is it at least still visible in the defect tracker? It’s still really painful for me: I’m surprised it’s not more commonly complained about: or perhaps putting cutting components inside layers is an unusual sketchup design pattern?

That might be , but I have seen stranger ones :slight_smile:
I have tried to do this in, the relative new online platform and the behavior also there!
For other work approach, have you seen this extension ?

Thanks for that pointer: FlexTools looks very cool! However, it is a paid extension, and it uses dynamic components (which at this point seem sadly destined to be limited to the commercial sketchup license for ever) so I’d have to spend a lot of money to use it! (I’m a hobbyist: I use sketchup extensively for home and landscape modeling but can’t justify paying for the commercial licence: although if there was a substantially cheaper “hobbyist” pricing tier which included dynamic components then I’d buy that like a shot!).

Any chance of an update from a sketchup developer to get a sense of whether this issue is buried or still surfacing internally?

You can use Dynamic Components in Sketchup Make too, the limitation being, that you would need the Sketchup Pro license if you’d wish to script your own Dynamic Components.
To turn on the DC toolbar:
View > Toolbars… > Dynamic Components
(In Sketchup Make, the 3rd button on the toolbar would be Greyed out)

FlexTools works with Pro and Make versions of Sketchup as long as they are 2016 or 2017.

Note that the FlexTools Dynamic Components use the same built in single-face hole cutting method. So any bugs/features mentioned above are the same.

I don’t work for Sketchup, so I don’t know what their future plans are, but I am the FlexTools extension developer. Hope that helps.

Hi thanks for the reply! Yes, my rant about dynamic components was just related to not being able to create them: I had hoped when the feature was first rolled out (by Google) that it would eventually make it into the free version (which had been the pattern before then) but dynamic components (full functionality) seems permanently welded to the commercial version!

Even though it won’t workaround this bug, I am tempted by FlexTools because I’m constantly having to line up 2 copies of my own door and window components to cut through a thick wall, so the idea of having that done for me is very alluring: that’s not my major pain point right now, but if I do start banging out through-the-wall doors and windows on a large scale again I will definitely consider FlexTools!

You may want to try Face Cutter extension.

Thanks: very cool! (Still hoping for a fix for the cutting visibility bug though!)

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Cutting visibility works just fine

@gkernan it’s the interaction of cutting components with layers that is buggy.