I still have some lines when I hide component layer

Am new to SketchUp, and asking questions/looking for answers here. But I made a component, edited it in component mode, created a layer for it. Then when I went to hide the layer I had lines and other artifact that didn’t hide with the rest of the component from the editing. How do I now include these artifact/lines into the component so it layers together?

First of all, you should always associate primitive edges and faces with Layer0. Confusing issues with visibility can result if you don’t. Only associate entire groups or components with other layers to control visibility of the entire group or component.

Without seeing the model, I can’t say with confidence what are the “artifacts” you are seeing. Possibly you missed some edges when you selected to create the component? If you can select them when the component is not open for edit, use edit->cut to erase them, open the component for edit and use edit->paste in place to put them in the same place within the component.

If that doesn’t work, please upload the model here so we can look at it and give you a specific answer.

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I appreciate the response. I’ll try that tomorrow and let you know how it went.


Your description leaves a bit to the imagination.
My guess is you’re using layers incorrectly.
See these video tutorials:

James, perhaps you can mark this post as solved. :wink:

The cause of the problem was an unusual use of layers. the components and some of the edges were on Layer 0 while the other edges and the faces were on a different layer. Turning off that different layer of course made the entities on that layer invisible but since Layer 0 is active and always visible. the components and those edges on Layer 0 were still displayed. Moving all the edges and faces to Layer 0 and moving the components to the other layer fixed the problem.