Ghost lines and surfaces

When I move or delete elements whether components or drawn items I’m left with ghost lines, surfaces of adjoining elements which have lost the face where the deleted/moved items used to intersect. What am I doing wrong? I’m drawing on layer 0, moving things to layers when units are complete, turning off layers which are not involved in my active drawing, etc.

Sounds as if you have misunderstood how layers work in SketchUp. You need to make elements that you have just drawn into Components or Groups to isolate their geometry.

‘Layers’ in SketchUp ONLY control whether an item (which should be a component or group, or some other type of entity like Text or a Dimension) is visible.

Read the online help, or search this forum, for longer explanations.

• SketchUp Blog : SketchUp Layers: Part One – The Sacred Layer0

Thanks for the guidance. I’m beginning to see how everything must be components or groups.

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