Disappearing components

I have a number of components within a group. After editing, it goes away. If I click the edit on that component, it comes back, but disappears again after I edit it. I am a woodworker, so I am not doing elaborate drawings like many folks do. This just started doing this and I have no idea what is causing this or what to do about it.
I have tried to do a “control C” to cut this and paste it to a new sketch-up drawing, which I have done many times in the past; however, now when I do a “control C” it kicks me out all together. I have to go in and find the drawing and start again.
What is going on here

Post your .skp file so we can have a look, it’s likely something simple. Drag the file from your hard drive and drop it into a response window or use the 8th icon across the top of a response window to upload.

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AutoSave_Porthole - red dot - 12 sections01-04-2021.skp (7.8 MB)

Is it the shapes I have colored blue? They are hidden.

did it show up?

They will if you go to Edit>Unhide>All. Or View>Hidden Objects, then you will see them as ghosted and can right click each one individually and choose unhide.