Component Cutting Problem

When I make components that cut through the face of my project, the components extend like tubes through my model. The “tubes” are locked. They can be unlocked and deleted without opening the original component. However when a component is moved or copied, they often reappear.

Any advice?

That sounds odd. Can you upload a model with a component that shows this behaviour so someone can have a look at it? If it is too big (>3Mb) for this forum, upload it to the 3d warehouse, or to a file sharing service such as Drop box, OneDrive or Google Drive and share a link.

Take a look. Funny. When the model was grouped and I copied it into a new file for upload, the components were fine. I even tried moving a few around and the “tubes” weren’t created. However, when I exploded the main group, the components all created the “tubes” you see in the file.

I look forward to learning moreSketchup-Components.skp|attachment (651.9 KB)


Can you describe some more about what you are trying to accomplish and how you are going about it? I’m seeing the consequence but not the path that led to it.

The “tubes” are named “Double-Cut Group”, which makes me think maybe you are trying to cut openings in two things at the same time, e.g. two sides of a wall? They appear to be trying to cut holes in opposite walls of the building. How did you create them? What hgave you done to modify them since creating? Did you lock them, or did it happen “by magic”?

I have exterior walls that are a single face. I am trying to make recessed windows (that expose exterior jambs) as components, but I am NOT trying to have any connection between the component on the front exterior face and any line or face on the opposite side.

Something in Sketchup is trying to extend my component to the opposite side with a completely new geometry. I don’t know why “double-cut groups” occur. I have had this happen in several files in both Sketchup 2017 and 2018.

I typically try to make the outer extents of a window and then create the component. Then within the component I add detail and push surface towards the interior to create jambs.


Do you have any extensions installed that might implement through-cutting components? It might be that such an extension is looking for the second side of the wall and finding the nearest parallel surface at the opposite side of the building.

Edit: on a bit more probing I find that you definitely have such an extension installed! Every one of the mystery groups has an attribute dictionary named “DM - Double-Cut Tool” containing an attribute “Connected to” with an integer value that I presume is an entity id. So what you are seeing is either intended behavior of that extension or a bug in that extension. I suggest you contact the extension author.

Edit #2: after looking up double-cut on the Extension Warehouse, I believe you have the extension from mind-sight studios extension installed. I don’t have it, but looking at the animations on the EW page, I think that (a) it does indeed look for a parallel surface to glue to, and (b) the extension’s context menu has an entry to turn off the action.

Thank you. I’ll investigate my extensions. I’ve experimented with many and may need to do some housekeeping.

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