Cutting windows and groups

I am trying to cut windows in a 8" thick wall. Should I group the walls first? Make components of the window? How come it is not cutting through?

Are you working with just native tools? Cutting components with SU native tools just cuts one surface, not a solid or multiple surfaces.

That said, there are multiple plugins that cut through multiple surfaces or solids like FlexTools and VisuHole.

Ive never used any plug ins just simple push and pull
Do I need for a thicker wall?
so its not because of improper grouping and components?

If you add a model we could show you what the problem is, otherwise we can only guess what you are doing.

You need a cutting component. One you’ve made or someone else has made. It hast to be applied to a face, not a group or compoentn. if the face is in a component you have to open the component and apply the cutting component to a “raw” geometry face.
You can often cut and paste such components or move them about, but the sure way is to pick the component from the component browser then move it directly to the face. If you have not learned to make cutting components, you’ll have to look that up. You can experiment with premade components from the 3d Warehouse. Marvin windows (3d warehouse) makes pretty effective cutting component windows.

One way to make cutting component. Draw a rectangle on a face select the rectangle and make it a component, set it be “cutting”. You have to remove the face in the rectangle to see a hole when applied to a face in your model. From there you can add other features to the compoent build a window group inside the cutting component.

SketchUp cutting components only cut one face so wall thickness (between two faces ) is not a factor. If you have a wall with two or more faces in section, you’ll have to learn to deal with that as well. I use cutting components for both sides of a two face wall, myself. I’ve tried plugins that can cut multiple faces, and find they are not worth the trouble, but Flex Tools could be useful for many people.

Have a look at this, it might help you as much as it did me.

thanks for that link that was really helpful I am going to try that now.