Meet ComponentFinder - our new super convenient tool, designed for, not merely browsing your library, but for actually finding the components you need. Easy, fast and all within SketchUp!

  • Enhanced Browsing - Choose the best way to view your components (navigation or flat-files)

  • Powerful Search - Quickly filter through your open tabs and components

  • Zoom In / Zoom Out - See larger or smaller component thumbnails

  • Save Components - Save components into ComponentFinder directly from Sketchup

  • Open multiple tabs at once - Select multiple folders from your local library and add them into ComponentFinder, all at once

ComponentFinder is an evolution of the FlexTools Favorites Library. It will now work with all components, not only with “flex”.

Coming Soon!

FlexTools Extension

We just launched a beta version of ComponentFinder. Hooray!

Looking for people to help us test and improve it.

Be part of it! -->

And yes, it’s FREE!


One main question: This helps find find components where? Local hard disk? 3D Warehouse? Elsewhere?

Slowing down the video, it looks like locally.


Yes, it’s for finding components that are on your local hard disk.


Great video explaining ComponentFinder thanks to Architecture Inspirations


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