Component Library Search Toolbar

My team and I was wondering if there was a way to search in the Component Library that is within your own Component Library folder you created VS. searching the Warehouse. Is there something I have to set up to give myself a “inhouse” toolbar search?


Nope, but a lot of people are asking for it. Searching In Model and local libraries would probably be more useful than searching in the Outliner and 3D Warehouse combined.


We need an eye dropper tool for the component browser just like the one in materials browser, so we can find a specific component in model, in the middle of the thousands of components we have in the model.

We need to find local and in model components with the component browser search tool. We don’t need the search tool to browse 3D warehouse as that is why the 3D warehouse window is there for.

We need to edit the properties of multiple components in one go. In example make them all glued and hole cutting in one go…


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Just an idea, did not tried yet…

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Right, It be so helpful if we could just search our personal library like you can in AutoCAD. where you type in Insert (I) and you can search within your model or within your library.

I will look into this and get back to you with how well it works, thank you! :slight_smile:

In model components can be searched for using Outliner. All groups and Components in your drawing are tracked there.
I have my own component library,
extremely well organized so a simple import will work quite well. You can set the default location to search for Components within Sketchup so it’s a no brainer to find them. Window>preferences I believe is where you set it up.

That’s only partly true. the In Model list also contains components that are loaded into the model but not placed.

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And models on hidden layers don’t show up on outlined too.

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Thanks for your additional input.

the kind of silly workaround- if the aim is to find your in-model component in your in model component list in order to put it in your second pane component library could be: copy the component into a new drawing, so that it is the only one in your in-model list… :slight_smile:

of course- you could then almost as easily “save as” into the correct folder.