How can I search for an in-model component (on Mac)?

I have a long list of named components in a model.

I wanted to find one by name in the component browser, to use Select Instances to see where it is used i the model drawing window, and/or to place a new one.

I know I can do the former using Outliner (provided I have Expand All selected).

But if I type something in the Components Window Search box, I only seem to be able to search in the 3D warehouse.

I can’t find anything useful in SU help with the search term ‘Components Window’.

I’ve got the Model icon clicked to show components in the model, and Model ticked under the down-pointing triangle to its right.

But as it says in the search box, searching for anything goes straight to the 3D warehouse to look, not in my components list.

Am I missing something? If I am not, could this be made into a Feature Request?

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This can’t be done in the Component Window. The Outliner, which has a search box for internal components and groups is indeed the way to do it. If you have a great number of Components it is best to have a strict naming-convention to organize your model (EXT_CONS_COLUM_name) and also in your Layers.
Other workarounds:
-You could upload all your Components in your 3D warehouse and use tags for searching purposes, so they would show up in MyModels or MyCollections in the Component Window.

The Component Window show every component that is in this model, even if there is not an instance placed into the model, currently (components can be saved as a part of a file without being placed in the model). As @MikeWayzovski mentioned, to see all the components in a given file, you should use the Outliner.

Thanks to you both for confirming that the Outliner is the only way to search within the model.