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Hi everyone,

I use Sketchup a lot and so I’m not new to it but there is something I’m missing…

Is there some sort of search function within Sketchup? I can’t find anything…

Reason I am asking is that while generating a report, I noticed something weird with a part… for example, the unique name of that part is panneau##1… But how do I find that part lost in a sea of pieces?



You could look in the In Model Components collection. The components will be listed in alphabetical order so that should make it easy to locate. Right click on it in the In Model window and choose Select Instances. You should be able to see it then.

Or look in the Outliner for it.


@hubert, Yes the Outliner has a filter box, that filters out parts as you type.


That works only if you have an instance in the model.

More than once I’ve tried to find a component, not instanced in the model, when I can only remember a part of the name. I wish when the Component window is showing ‘In model’ components that it would search in the model, NOT the 3D warehouse.


Yes. That’s correct. It’s why I started with the In Model Components collection. :wink:


That’s fine only if you remember how the name starts. Quite often I don’t, but just remember that there’s ‘xyz’ somewhere in the name, not at the start of the name.


Oh wow! You guys changed my life!

Many Thanks!


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