Search components inside model by name?

Hi all,
is there a way to find component by name? I can’t believe we don’t have this option available. If I try to search it takes me to the warehouse. I want to quickly find a handle component that I’m using in the model.

use the filter in outliner


I’ve requested a search in components too.

Searching in Outliner works fine, but only if you have an instance in the model.

If you have a long list of components (hundreds or thousands) and no instances, AND you can’t remember exactly how your component name started, only a part of what is in it, it’s VERY hard to find without the ability to search the model Component list

then you need to use purge…

use ruby save them all out into a separate [viewable in SU] folder, then use the component browser for that folder…

storing unused comps and materials in the model slows SU down even more than in model comps…


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Not if you want to keep them for later use in this model, and you just want to find the definition, either to use it, or to edit it.

… Later edit…

I don’t know enough Ruby to know how to save unused components out. And when you have, you still have the problem of finding the one you want, don’t you? Or is the presumption that you have many fewer to look through?

something like this should work [on a copy made with Finder >> Duplicate for speed]

comps = Sketchup.find_support_file('Components')
model = Sketchup.active_model
path  = model.path
defs  = model.definitions.to_a
dir   = File.join(comps, File.basename(path))
Dir.mkdir(dir) unless File.exists?(dir)

defs.each do |defn|
 # skip all those in use
  next if defn.instances.count > 0
  name =
# this will lighten the 'copy'
# save the lightened version

after a restart you will have a component collection under the main model name in Component browser…

if they have sub components you either need to run it again on each for a new directory, or make the drill down…

once you have a folder of comps you can also use Finder or a HtmlDialog to sort through them…


Many thanks, John. I’ll give it a go in next few days.

hope you will be fine. kindly go window and selected Component attributes. and search or selected you component

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