Locating Components Within the Model


Hi. Is there a way to locate a specific component within the model? From within the components window, I can view the components’ properties and number of instances, but I don’t know how to locate where that component is within the model. Thanks.


Window/Outliner gives you the full structure of your model. Click the relevant component and it will be highlighted in the model.


I’d like to locate the component from within the components window. Is that possible?


Maybe ThomThom’s SelectionToys ?

Check the Extension Warehouse (when it’s back online from maintenance.)
If that doesn’t have a find feature, you can use the warehouse’s search feature, try searching on “find components” etc.

If you’ve a mind for Ruby scripting we had a recent topic on locating component instances by their name property (which is separate from their definition’s name property.)
see: Selecting specific components / entities
I’ll add a note (to the linked post,) on how to zoom to the found component instance.


Right click on the component…


and if you do have outliner open right click again on the highlighted and zoom selection,

(or on one of them in the model, to zoom all)


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the ‘Select Instances’ option is greyed-out for all the components. Any ideas why?


If you only have one instance in the model and it is already selected it will be greyed out, also if everything is selected it will be grey.
Try with nothing selected.


Nothing is selected but it is still greyed. I’m not sure why but it seems that any components which are nested within other components or groups have the option greyed-out while the others do not. Unfortunately this is the case for most all of my components.


I think you can only select those instances which are in the actual context… if they are nested in other groups and/or components, you cannot select them (as with the normal selection too).