Components tray

Good Morning,
Is the a way when highlighting a component in the component tray that the component is highlighted in the model for id purpose.
Tks in advance.

Selecting a component in the Components panel does not highlight existing ones in the model. You can right click on the component in the panel and choose Select Instances. It will select any instances in the current context. If the component instance is buried inside a nested object that isn’t open for editing the component instance won’t be selected.


Whereas selecting it in the Outliner selects it in the model.


The question reflects some possible misunderstanding of how SketchUp Components work. The confusion is not helped by the way the terminology “Component” is too often used ambiguously.

The things you see in the model are Instances of a Component Definition. All the Instances are built using the specifications contained in their corresponding Definition. The Components panel shows the Definitions that are available for placing Instances in the model. So, it actually doesn’t mean anything regarding the current model contents when you select a Definition in the Components panel because there could be (almost) any number of Instances in the model. The selection just identifies which Definition you would like to use for placing another Instance or perhaps for tweaking some of the properties of the Definition.

As @DaveR noted, there is a right-click item to highlight all the Instances of a Definition in the model. In contrast, the Outliner shows the hierarchical Group and Component Instance structure of the model (it does not show edges, faces, etc.). As such, what you select there is a specific Component Instance, not the Definition.

thanks for the clarification.