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Hello folks,

I looked around, but did not find it mentioned anywhere. I just want to know if it is a way to import several components all at once in a SketchUp modell and “spray them” out. When I import many components one by one I always goof and make duplicates. A way to get rid of duplicates would be to have some sort of option in the Outliner panel that said something like “Highlight duplicates”. Thanks.


I don’t think that’s quite what the OP is asking for. They want to highlight duplicate definitions - the same component imported twice - not repeated instances of the same component.

A later thought: IF you have been careful to name components, then any duplicated imports will have #1 or #2 suffix. Search in the outliner for # or #1, or #2 to find duplicated component definitions


From the original post, that’s not clear. The Outliner shows instances, not definitions. The screenshot shows two instances of the same component definition, as evident from the fact that they have the same name (if instances are not named individually, Outliner displays the definition name). Since the definition name is the lookup key in the model’s component definitions list, I don’t think it is possible to have two definitions with exactly the same name!

Using ThomThom’s selection toys extension, one can select all instances of a component to accomplish what I read the original FR to say. This might still be a handy feature, though Trimble tends to ignore FR’s that an existing extension already covers.


I guess I just have to keep on 3x clicking on every component to spot all my imported component duplicates. It works, but things would have been way more easy if the Outliner panel was better optimized. I am trying to get some order in all my formfonts 2D silhouettes at the moment. + Thanks to the “2dxy slick moves” extension I get some nice arrays making it easy to find the right silhouettes for my different projects.


ThomThom’s Selection Toys allows to easily select all instances of a selected component. It even lets you select instances outside of the active drawing context.


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