Select Identical Objects


When you select a component or group in SketchUp the the entity info tray will tell you how many of those there are in the model. Is there a method to select of these entities?

If not there needs to be a simple way to do this.

Sure there is a way. go to the Components In Model library. Right click on the thumbnail for the component and choose select Instances.

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Thanks Dave!

If it is not a component and only a group SketchUp will still tell you how many instances of that group you have. Is there any way to select the rest of the group?

Group definitions are hidden to the UI. So there are 2 answers.

(1) If you wish this functionality, make components instead of groups.

(2) go get ThomThom’s Selection Toys extension.
It adds nifty right-click mouse submenus for selecting and filtering objects "six ways to Sunday."
It also has a GUI selector / filter interface to work upon the selection set.

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The Components Browser > In Model >Select Instances command only selects component instances in the current modeling context.

Rick Wilson’s plugin selects all intances globally.
Instances v.1.000 by Rick Wilson —

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Is there a solution for this in 2022? That link to Smustard gives an .rb file which wont install to sketchup in 2022.

You can install a trusted single RB file manually.
Open the SketchUp version’s Plugins folder and move the file into it.
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp XXXX\SketchUp\Plugins
When SketchUp starts it will load that RB, if it’s incompatible there will be error messages at the start…
Alternatively, ZIP the single RB file, change its file-type [.ZIP] to .RBZ, then install that using the Extension Manager dialog’s button…

Apart from Tig’s useful info there is also another extension mentioned with a link in the thread that works perfectly in 2022.