How to automatically select all the same components?

How to automatically select all the same components?

Also, how to automatically locate the component in the component list?

Because I have 1000 components so its hard to search them when I need.

Right click on the component in the Components panel and choose Select Instances.

There’s no wayy to automatically find them. They will be in alphabetical order, though. Change the view to List so it will be condensed and easier to use.

Before you even try finding components in the list, purge the unused ones so you can shorten the list.

I wish it could be a way in the next versions that when you just click in the component, it automatically selects on the list

do you mean to purge them on that Model Info List?

Purge unused components from the In Model components panel.
Screenshot - 3_6_2023 , 7_23_14 AM

When are you going to go through the educational materials at and the SketchUp YouTube channel’s Square One videos?

Selection Toys has some great context click options for selecting all of the same entity (groups/components)

The option to convert all of the same group into components is also super useful.

I tend to search the outliner, rather than the component browser

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Iam learning there but I dint find this explanation there, sorry

Are there a way to select the same groups? my partner forgot to make them components so now its giving me a enormous headache

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Visit the extension warehouse and install Thom thom’s “Selection Toys”

You can do lots of things with it, you’ll see the options appear when you right click

so I cant select only the same groups with this plugin?

Cant find the Select Instances option?

Because you didn’t right click on the component in the Components panel like I told you to do.

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thats right, thank you

I have that on right click menu for components, is that a recent addition?

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It is a new addition in SU2023. The OP isn’t using 2023, though.

I do note they’ve scale the component they have selected but haven’t scaled the definition.

Weird, it’s not in the notes
I know the select/deselect edges was in.

Also have it in 2022 :man_shrugging: