Selecting all identical objects without the use of Components or Groups

Hi Sketchup!

I’d like to know if there’s any way I can select all identical objects with the same area, volume, etc.

I know the first thing that comes to mind is groups and components, but I’m working on an already modelled DWG file that contains no groups or components whatsoever, and have to simplify it on Sketchup for further analysis.

So is there a way to, say, select all louvers with (this face), or select all squares with (this area)?

Cheers in advance

Maybe someone knows of an extension that can do this but that’s a tricky request because it’s so specific to your geometry/model.

If, either in CAD or SU, you either applied a material to or placed similar objects on their own tag (layer in CAD), you could then select by either of those:

Hi eric-s,

I agree, it is a pretty complicated issue. As far as I know, there isn’t an extension that’s available to solve this specific issue.

Unfortunately, the model I have has some pretty complex geometry and was imported from an .STL file with no materials or tags whatsoever.

Perhaps this could be done in Ruby? Like a script to select all faces with the same number of edges and area?

s4u Select extension


@mihai for the win!

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@mihai.s Legend. Thanks for this.

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