Is there any way I can select objects by their color in sketchup

My project depends on me coloring a lot of walls inside one file right now and they are the only objects in the file that are purple, I dont want to go through all of them so is there any way I can just select all purple colored objects

I have noticed that the moment one board touches another, that sheet can no longer be selected on its own. I cant seem to find select function that works.

You need to make a component of each “board” so SketchUp knows you want them to remain separate pieces.

For faces, you can right click and Select > All by Same Material. I don’t think this can be done on groups and components.

You may also find Selection Toys useful for more selection options.

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Give all the purple objects the same tag. Then you can either turn off all other tags and select the remaining objects. You can also right click on the tag and choose Select All Tagged.
Or there are several extensions out there that would let you select by tag/layer.

A little like layers in AI. Thanks

It seems that I can make component for each board, but then some one else has told me I cant. But I do thank every one for help. I might see if I can tag them, but that is tricky because in reality all parts belong to the same object


Thanks ill have a look


Who toold you that you can’t? Clearly they know nothing about SketchUp.

Using components and groups is the way to prevent geometry from sticking together. Tags will not do that.

Each part is a component here.

The reference to tags in this thread was for the original poster. Tags are given to components and groups in the model. NOT to edges and faces. Don’t even both with tags until you’ve learned to use components and groups…

Your profile indicates you are using the free web version. If that’s actually true, Selection Toys won’t help you.

You could use the material replacer extension.

And just replace that purple material everywhere with a different one

That is cool, I think I also need to concentrate on the axis as I find it very difficult to move a side in to the right place. I spend half an hour at every angle until I have done it.