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Hi there,

I have the problem that I receive drawings without any layer. Instead of that each part that belongs to the same layer is in the same color. I am looking for a way or addon that activated all parts with the same color. Then I can assign all the activated parts to a particular layer. I think some users have the same problem when importing drawings from other applications.
Any idea is welcome!
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What version of sketchUp are you using? Please complete/update your forum profile.

Maybe you don’t need an extension. Does your model come in with compnoents and groups? Are the colors applied to the components and groups or to the faces inside the components and groups?

If you have materials applied to the top level objects, you can select by material from the Materials panel.

Thank you very much!

Now I found the problem: The imported model included all parts grouped several times.
But this simple solution only works if the parts are not grouped or only grouped 1x.
Now I am looking for a solution for to break down all groups down to one group for each part.
It would be very helpful to find a simple solution (addon) instead to make an actualisation of each part…

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So it’s all loose geometry?

It would help us help you if you share a typical SketchUp file after the import so we can see exactly what you are working with.