Color by layer not working on some components

It’s Friday night, I try to hit my weekend but that’s not possible because I got a ■■■■ SketchUp Bug!!! And I hope you guys can help me with it. The colour by layer doesn’t seem to work on some random component. I’ve created a file so you can take a look at it. The component is from a dwg import. I used this method for hundreds of previous parts but now I get a problem with this “Friday” one. Any idea. Perhaps I’m dealing with a corrupt imported component.

TEST.skp (9.1 MB)

It does seem odd how it’s behaving. Maybe there’s a fix, but in the meantime I found that creating another layer (layer1) and then assigning parts that are on layer 0 to the new layer 1 that the color by layer works.

it looks like the color by layer is affected by how many levels of components in a component you get.

When I start exploding useless levels, the color is back.

I select the part, than in the contextuel menu Instances/SelectAll, then explode. That works… but it create more work for my hundred of conversion project!

There was a lot of nesting, but that shouldn’t affect the layer it’s assigned to?? should it? Exploding would be the way to go, but last time I suggested such a thing I got some stick for it.

That’s what I’m gonna do… Thx for your help. The project doesn’t requier me to modify those parts. I only need to create racking and truck load with them. (there’s hundreds of them) Once they turned the right colour… I’m good to go.

I also discovered that when you copy them in a new files… some parts gets coloured… I did the process 3 times and everytime I get more and more coloured parts. It defenetly looks like a corrupt problem. The part are originally from Solidworks, and I think they get through STEP than DWG to ends up in my SketchUp! That’s a long way to go.

JoeDrafter, in the file you uploaded there are 24 components that are assigned to a layer that doesn’t exist in model. Model > Statistics > Fix Problems fixes it, also just saving the file kicks in the same repair mechanism. I’d like to hear if this problem came from the dwg import or was caused by something happening in the operator’s chair.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thx @sWilliams for your post. When I run the Fix Problems feature on any of my parts (that I presume corrupt) I have a clean “No problems found” on all my parts. To answer your question, I simply import the part and put it straight away on the “L_Content” layer which is supposed to turn the part brown. I don’t see how 24 components could have been assigned on an unexisting layer. That’s really weird.

Last night, after posting this post, I worked for a few hours on multiple parts. I had all sorts of problems. One of the worst is when I was “unable to save the document” or copy-paste anything. In this situation, my only option was to close and start again a 30 minutes task.

However, I don’t think the problem is SketchUp bug. I think it’s simply corruptions and shacky files cause by the long conversion process. I’ll have to accept my faith here. ;))
Thank you all for your reply and you have a great weekend.