Colours in layer

When i send my model to layout, the colours in the layer tab shows up, so i cant see the object, how do i turn the colour off?

Perhaps you could at least share a screen shot?

Which “layer tab” are you referring to? Do you have Color by Layer turned on in SketchUp? We need more information.

How do i upload a screen shot on here

Click on the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons above the message window. Or just drag and drop the image.

It would also be helpful if you would fill in your profile so we know what version of SketchUp you are using along with the operating system and graphics card.

Is it the blue back face color you want to get rid of? If that’s it, either reverse the faces in SketchUp or delete the floor faces all together.

Were you editing the layer colors in SketchUp? It’s strange that there are so many layers that show the color as white… Unless you have Color by Layer enabled, that layer color will not have any affect on the way your model is displayed.

Where is the colour by layer tab to check it

I am using a plug in called Pluspec, i havent touched the layers at it, it is auto generated by the plugin

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Did you correct the face orientation on the floor?

Thank you, it was checked on, Fixed.

Perhaps something done by Pluspec?

It has fixed the problem in the model, i have saved the sketchup model and updated Layout but the purple colour is still in layout

So you still haven’t corrected the face orientation?

I thought i did,

I think PlusSpec and Skalp both made new scene tabs / styles where color-by layer is set up and things are ‘whited out’.
Perhaps you’ve got into a tangle and have changed to, or made another scene leaving things half-baked ?

Also - reverse the back-faces so they are looking up - I suspect they are actually ‘white’ ?

I think your right, not sure what to do next

The next thing would be to correct the face orientation on the floor.

Tried it no luck still purple

Maybe you could upload the SKP file so we don’t have to go back and forth like this all day.

This might offer a clue.