Is there a faster faces select tool?

I have many parts to select and I was wondering if there is a tool in SketchUp that makes the job of selecting parts easier, something like in Blender.

Just that, thanks.

What do you mean by ‘parts’?
Which Blender command are you referring to? L?

By ‘parts’ I mean faces. And yes I’m referring to L key

And how are these faces? Do they have the same surface area? Are they quads? Do they have different materials? Are they in the same context (group)?

Yes, let me show you a screenshot. It’s the car side lateral, they are same material, and aren’t in a group.

It depends on how that model is built, but you can try right click on a face > Select > All with the same material.

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I’ll try it, thanks.

If you turn off hidden geometry you can select all of that at once!

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Yep, I did that. Thank you!