Select face(s) by face material/colour

Is there an extension which allows my to select ONLY the faces in this model that are default material?

If there is a native way, please how?

Thanks in advancemountain.skp (187.3 KB)

Hello. Yes, there is more than one way around this. I did the following.

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Another tactic. At this stage, since you have only one texture in your file, you could select all the faces that use that texture, group them together to isolate them and then you’d have your texture-free faces to work on without the worry of affecting the blue texture.

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Great cheers,

This has led me discover the beauty of alt, ctrl and shift material clicking giving choices of painting options, contiguous and non contiguous etc…

Another hidden gem squirreled away in the programming of Sketchup!

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For selection workflows of numerous kinds, I suggest ThomThom’s Selection Toys

Yes that’s great too, and I managed to over look the function in there for selecting the default material too!

Thinking about it, this post could in theory be moved from the ‘extensions’ category to the thread specially designed for those who post questions about basics of Sketchup which they really should know by now (what there is no such category?!). Honestly I’m flabbergasted at the amount of things I learn still about the basics of this program.

No dedicated “Newbie” category, just the basic “SketchUp” category. (Okay,… it’s moved.)