Apply material to ALL faces of ALL objects in model

Say I have a model which has a bunch of shapes. Each shape has different materials applied to each of its sides. Now I say I want to apply one material to ALL sides of ALL of the shapes. This will make this task much easier rather than holder shift + paint bucket and clicking each material (this would be easy for example projects like this but not for giant game levels, for instance). How do I do this? Also would it possible for Make version?

Here is an example model:
example mdl.skp (1.4 MB)

Hi. First of all, let’s clean up your model.

Go to Monochrome Mode (View > Face Style > Monochrome)

You have reversed faces (blue ones) and not only that, but you also applied materials to those faces. Never apply materials to reversed faces. Always put them on the right side. I would suggest removing all materials and starting from scratch because it’s very messy. First of all Ctrl+A to select all geometry then click on this little icon to choose the Default Material Colour

Click on the geometry to get rid of your applied materials. Make sure you click on those reversed faces separately. Now that you’re rid of materials, let’s reverse your faces. Right click on one blue face > Reverse Faces and then Right click again > Orient Faces. This tells SketchUp to automatically reverse all blue faces of the geometry.

Now, about applying the same materials. It’s very easy. Ctrl+A to select all geometry > pick a texture > click on any face and voila!

Tip 1: Don’t forget to get rid of materials you don’t intend to use
Tip 2: If you’re not familiar with this, look what Aaron has to say about how important Grouping is: SketchUp Skill Builder: Groups vs Components


Lol, I already know that stuff :laughing:
It was a example model I put together in like 2 minutes :laughing:
But now I know how to paint ALL faces. Thank you!

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A little sidenote: if you have organized your model in groups/components (you should do this), you can delete all the materials in the material window and paint all objects with the desired color from outside.
If your goal is only the changed view, you can change to monochrome view and change the face front color in the style settings.

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