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Hi there.

Have made a fairly detailed building and now need to calculate facing material needs.
In order to do this I have tried to select follow several guides in order to find my total facing area, based on the material used. However I have not been able to achieve this using area.
Now I’m trying to use Right click on a face with this particular material, then click select>All with same material.
When I do this, some of my faces with this material is selected, but moste is not!? How come?
If I create a simple test figure with a few cubes and cover 4 sides with a material, the function seams to work, but in my larger project it’s not working!?
It is a project that I have been working on for quite some time, that I have been saving over time in several file names, every time I have made a major change I have saved in a new filename. I always forget using layers and groups, so as far as I recall, I have none of these. (I don’t know how to check this)
I ended up spinning and zooming in and out and manually selecting all the faces and then in entity info I found the total area.

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There is an easier way: Right-click on the material in the Materials browser (In Model section) and select Area from the context menu. Note that if you have painted both sides of a face the both sides will be calculated. This also applies to groups and components painted from the “outside”.

The faces that didn’t get selected might have their material applied to the back side.


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I don’t think that works on Mac…

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Is there a way to do this on a mac?