Select by material on MAC

I’m trying to find how it is done on Mac. I couldn’t find one nor plugin.

That’s a Windows version only feature.

Does mac not have the context menu option 'Select’ which has ‘All with same material’?

If it’s not available somewhere on a MAC then this one-liner copy+pasted into the Ruby Console + enter will select all materials with the name n - edit n=“Material1” to be your desired material-name…

n="Material1";m=Sketchup.active_model;s=m.selection;s.clear;es=m.active_entities.to_a.find_all{|e|e.respond_to?(:material) && e.material && e.material.display_name==n};s.add(es)

Yes. It does. It just doesn’t have the feature shown in the video where you can right click on the material swatch in the Colors window to select it.

Ok, the video wouldn’t play for me so I was only guessing.

I had to go to YT to get it to play. It basically shows the context menu when right clicking on a color swatch.

On the Mac it looks like this:

I need this feature bitterly


No matter. I can’t just add it for you. TIG has provided a ruby snippet you could use in the Ruby Console to do a similar thing.

Thanks again to @DaveR. I wasn’t really aware of this, but I don’t get to play around with the Windows version.

It’s a slight inconvenience, but I guess you can achieve the effect with a painted face in the model. If you can’t find a face already, you could just draw one and delete it after.

I see it’s context level sensitive; it only operates on faces and groups in the context level being edited.

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Thank you. This is just what I did.
Quite tricky, but mac version’s been always weird.

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