Select all edges of a single Color or Material

Is there a way to Select all edges of a single color or material? I have imported a cad file with contour lines. The 5’ contours are green and the 1’ contours are brown. They are both on the same layer and not in the separate groups. There are hundreds of lines. I would pick out manually all the 5’ lines and group them then select what is left and group them, but I was hoping there would be a quick way to select all the lines of a single color.


Select an edge >> Right Click >> Select all with same Material…



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Boy do I feel dumb. I have been using Select all with same Layer. And there it is right next to it. Thank you so much for your help.
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Here is an interesting observation. If you select a single entity and >>Right Click>> the “Select all with same Layer” comes up, but the “Select all with same Material” does not. But Now, if I select more than one entity of the same material then >>Right Click>> the “Select all with same Material” is presented as an option. And that is how I was missing it.

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You should also check this Selection Toys plugin. It has quite useful other features.
And you can right click to one entity > Active with Selected Material :slight_smile:

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