Select Active with Selected Materials but Material is applied to Face?


I find the Select Active with Selected Materials tool to be ideal to organize my work, but sometimes materials are applied to faces instead of components and groups, which defaults in the groups and components sharing the same default material. Because of this the tool selects all groups in model, even though the faces have different materials.

Is there a way to make this tool work taking into account face material?

Is it quite a shame that such a useful selection method (select by material) is practically rendered useless if your materials are set per face rather than per group/component.

To clarify, I don’t want to select individual faces, but groups and components which faces have the same material as the current selection.

Any suggestion welcome :slight_smile:


I tried it, its kinda of a long shot. It could work for what I need except that once you isolate the objects there you are not allowed to perform any operation like change their tag or group them… seems the extension is only for visibility…

Edit: Does not work :frowning: