Can't select the material from the Material List

I dont know why but its not showing this material that I need to select

the faces painted with this material are in various groups and components.

ok, the way SU selection works is, you can select anything you want in the current level you are.
the global file is a level. then if you enter a group or component, it’s another level. and so on.

You can’t select faces (or anything) within a component or a group without entering it first.

well that’s your issue here. you ask SU to select the faces with a certain material, and since they are all within groups or components, it can’t select them.
but if you were to enter one of there groups / components, it might be able to.

not knowing how your model is built, you can test this with a standard model containing heather (or any SU silhouette).
open such a file and select a material, nothing will happen. now enter the Heather component and select a material, it will select.

the area thing on the other hand doesn’t care about how many levels and groups and components you have.

the heather component do you mean those flowers?

Capture d’écran 2023-11-25 à 19.34.24


the default person.

like I say, I don’t know what is components and or groups in your file. so I adapted and told you how to check what I was explaining on the default model.

edit : oh, you’re using SU21, it’s Sumele then, the woman with the polka-dot yellow dress. works the same, really.

Sometimes I have found that I either have Faces or (materials) over one another and it’s not decernable and I have to erase the top layer before another material can be placed. This is kind of odd, but it does happen to me at times.
Otherwise I agree regarding materials being inaccessible when they are inside groups and components.

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Iam having this too often now…did you use the cleaner plug in? or material replacer? I need to find out what is giving me these faces problems.

I use neither extension. In fact I use almost none.