Select all of same material in model?

Is there a method or plugin that will select all of the same material throughout the entire model?

TT’s Material replacer plus need TT_Lib² — 2.7.0

Thanks. But I don’t want to replace the material. I want to select objects throughout the model painted with a specific material.

Once selected I want to assign faces with the material to another tag.

Not tested but maybe TIG’s Layer_Material_Tools could get you there.

Set Layers from Material Names:

All Faces and Groups/Components are assigned a Layer based on their Material name.
Nested Faces and Groups/Components are processed.
You should have made Materials based on Layer names before using this.
Faces and Groups/Components with the default-material are assigned
the default-layer ‘Layer0’.

Be aware that all edges and faces should be left untagged so you might need TIG’s Default Layer Geometry after running the above.

What do you need to do (if it isn’t replacing the material?)

This sounds like you are using Tags incorrectly.

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Selection Toys from Thom Thom, there is an option to select all entities assigned by a material, but just working inside an active group/component.

I think in general is yes, but sometimes no. We have an effective workflow that can be allow assign (special) tag directly to faces, or edges. For example, with style using Color by tag and Hidden line Mode, to display a tiling of a floor, just assign a face (of a floor group) to a tag has “tiling” texture. This is very simple.

Another example, we create a tag called “hidden_edges” contain all common edges between wall/beam/column. In elevation, hidden_edges will be turn off and that way we create Elevations for construction document without edges between elements have the same material.

Yes you can, as long as you understand what you are doing. Many people don’t.

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A simple selection would be great. An additional option to the basic Select/All with same material. Just add “in model”. After that, do what ever you want to edit it.